Putting the Fitbit Flex into Sleep Mode

The Fitbit Flex is a fitness tracker that doubles as a sleep tracker. If you are curious about how you sleep and how much time you spend awake or restless at night, the Fitbit Flex is a great device to use. Putting the Fitbit Flex into sleep mode at night is easy and quick.

Step 1: Wear your Fitbit Flex once you are ready to go to bed. Once you’re ready to sleep, tap your Fitbit Flex rapidly for one or two seconds. The Flex should vibrate and show two dimming lights to indicate that you are in sleep mode.

Step 2: Remember that while the Flex is in sleep mode, it will not display your goal progress if you double tap it. Instead, the lights will alternate to indicate that it is in sleep mode.

Step 3: When you wake up, tap the Fitbit Flex again for one to two seconds to exit sleep mode. When you access your dashboard, you should be able to see your sleep pattern.
When you are viewing your dashboard, you can adjust your sleep mode setting between “normal” and “sensitive” modes. The normal mode shows you your basic sleep pattern, while the sensitive mode shows more details. Make sure you sync your tracker after you make these changes so that the Fitbit Flex can start recording in its new mode that same night.

Recap: Understanding your sleep pattern will help you with your overall health and fitness. Whether you use the normal or sensitive mode, the Fitbit Flex will show you your quality of sleep.