Redeem a Digital iTunes Copy of Media

It’s becoming more and more common for DVD and Blu-Ray movies or TV shows to come with free digital copies of the media on the discs. If you recently purchased a DVD or Blu-Ray disc that came with iTunes Digital Copy redemption code, here’s how to download your content:


Step 1
In most cases, your iTunes Digital Copy will be available to you through a redemption code. To download your content, start by launching iTunes on your computer, going to the iTunes Store, selecting “Redeem” from the Quick Links section on the right side of the screen, and logging in using your Apple ID and password.

Step 2
You will be taken to a redeem page when you can type out the code for your digital copy download. Once you have typed the code, you should be greeted with an option to download the movie to your iTunes library. You can also click “Later,” which will simply save the movie or TV show to your “Purchased” page. You can then download the video whenever you want, but it will always be available through your iTunes account.

Step 3
Some iTunes Digital Copy films require you to authenticate the download redemption code by actually inserting the DVD or Blu-Ray disc into your computer. Go to Apple’s support site for more information on this process (

With iTunes Digital Copy, you will be able to enjoy your new films and TV shows not just on disc, but digitally, right from your iTunes account. Whether you want to watch something on the go, or need to access your videos remotely, the digital copy concept will increase the convenience of your viewing experience!