Remove Apps Installed on Your iOS 11 Device

You are likely, and expected, to install several apps on your iOS device for your personal, professional, or entertainment purposes. Since not all apps are helpful or useful to you, it’s a good idea to remove them as soon as you find them unnecessary.
Removing unwanted apps not only frees up the internal storage, it also improves your device’s performance.
Removing installed apps from your iPhone or iPad is simple. Here’s how:
    Locate the unwanted app
    Swipe and navigate among the Home screens on your iDevice. This lets you locate the app you want to remove.

    Enter the Edit Mode
    Long tap any app on the Home screen until all apps start wiggling, and you see an X at the top-left corner of some of the apps. This takes you to the Edit Mode from where you can remove the apps.
    Note: You can’t remove the built-in apps system apps.
    Delete the unwanted app
    Tap the X icon at the top-left corner of the unwanted app. This tells your iDevice that you want to remove the app.

    Confirm app deletion

Tap Delete on the confirmation back that appears. This removes the app from your device permanently. To get the app back, you must go to the App Store and re-download it from there.