Remove Unread Emails Badge from the Mail Icon In iOS 11

Since some apps’ icons can’t be removed from the Home screen of your iOS devices, badges on the icons can be annoying at times. The best example can be of the Mail app that displays a badge every time you receive a new mail but leave it unread merely because you know it is a spam.
Thankfully, Apple is a bit liberal about this and allows you to remove the badge of the unread emails from the Mail app’s icon.
Here’s how:
    Get to the Notifications window
    Tap Settings > Notifications. This opens the Notifications window that allows you manage the notifications from the apps in your iDevice.


    Get to the Mail app’s notifications window
    Tap Mail. This opens the Mail window. From here you can manage the notifications related to the Mail app effective across the device, or individually for all the email service providers you have added the accounts of to your iDevice.

    Get to the mail service provider’s window
    Tap the email service provider’s name (Gmail in this demonstration). This opens the window with the settings specific for the service provider. This categorization comes in handy when you’ve added multiple email accounts from different service providers, and want to configure the notifications for each of them individually.

    Disable the badge
    Tap the Badge App Icon toggle button. This turns off the feature for the selected email service provider, and you’ll no longer see the badge for the unread mails for that account on the app’s icon.


    Verify the changes

Press the Home button (or swipe up the Gesture Bar in iPhone X). This takes you back to the Home screen. Here you can notice that the Mail app no longer has badges visible on its icon.