Removing Yourself from Group Texts On An iPhone

If you are added to a group chat and no longer want to take part, iOS 8 allows you to remove yourself from the group chat on your own.

When you remove yourself from any existing and active group chat, you no longer receive notifications when activity takes place in the group chat.

In order to remove yourself from the group text chat on an iPhone, follow these steps:

    ■Turn on your iOS 8 device by pressing the Sleep/Wake button.
    ■Swipe your finger from left to right on the screen (screen saying slide to unlock) to unlock the iPhone (iOS 8).
    ■On the Home screen, tap Messages.
    ■Once the Messages window opens up, locate and tap the target group that you want to leave.
    ■Once the group’s interface appears, tap Details from the top-right corner.
    ■From the Details window, tap the Leave this Conversation link from the bottom to remove yourself from the unwanted group.