Replenish Candy Crush Lives by Changing Time Settings on an iPhone

When you play Candy Crush on an iPhone, you have two options to replenish your lives. The first, of course, is to pay for them with your credit card. The second option, while free, is startlingly inconvenient and requires you to wait half an hour for your lives to replenish. However, by simply playing around with the internal clock settings on your iPhone, you will be able to get free lives much more quickly. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1
Once you run out of lives, close your Candy Crush game and navigate to the “Settings” menu of your iPhone. Once there, select “General,” and finally, “Date & Time.”

Step 2
In the “Date & Time” menu, you will see numerous options: 24-Hour Time, for military time on your device; Set Automatically, with a switch that you can toggle on and off; and Time Zone. Turn off the Set Automatically function to reveal a fourth option: one for manually setting the date and time.

Step 3
Now, take your phone into the future with either a time or date adjustment. In Candy Crush, you can only replenish five lives at once, so there’s no sense in jumping forward a year or something drastic. Instead, just go forward a day or a few hours to get your lives back.

Step 4
Relaunch Candy Crush to make sure that your lives have replenished as you wanted them to!

No one likes paying for lives or waiting for them to replenish, whether in Candy Crush or any other game. Luckily, with this clever time switching method, you can trick the game into giving you free lives! Just don’t forget to set your clock back to where it belongs after you’ve confirmed the presence of the new lives.