Reset Password in Windows 8 Laptop Using Password Reset Disk

Creating a password reset disk in Windows 8 is a proactive step to secure your computer. With the help of a password reset disk, you can reset your Windows password if you ever forget it. The best part is that even if you have encrypted any files using the Windows built-in encryption feature while using your account, resetting the password using the password reset disk keeps the encryption key intact, and you can continue accessing the encrypted file normally. This is not the case when your password is reset by the administrator forcefully.

If you have successfully created a password reset disk for your Windows 8 account earlier, here is how you can use the disk to reset your password:

    ■On the Windows 8 login screen, in the password field after typing the wrong password.
    ■When the The password is incorrect. Try again message appears, vlick OK to close the message.

    ■Connect the password reset disk (the portable USB drive that you used to while creating the reset disk) to your laptop.
    ■On the next screen, click the Reset password link.

    ■On the Password Reset Wizard interface, click Next to move forward from the welcome page.

    ■On the next window, from the The password key disk in the following drive drop-down list, click to select the password reset portable drive, and click Next to continue.

    ■Once the next interface opens up, type a new password in the Type a new password field, retype the password in the Type the password again to confirm field to confirm, and type a password hint in the Type a new password hint field.
    ■Click Next to continue.

    ■Finally, click Finish to finalize the process.