Restrict In-App Purchases for Your iTunes Account

After you associate your iTunes account with your iPhone, you can easily make in-app purchases in your favorite apps, including extra features for free apps and games.

Still, you may find it important to restrict in-app purchases in order to avoid any misuse of your account. You may also want to restrict in-app purchases if you have kids and don't want them spending money without your permission.

Restricting in-app purchases for your iTunes account in iPhone is a simple process. Follow these steps:

    ■Press the Sleep/Wake button to switch on your iPhone.
    ■Unlock the device.

    ■Tap Settings from the Home screen.

    ■Once the Settings interface appears, tap General.

    ■On the open General window, tap Restrictions.

    ■If the Restrictions have been already enabled, in the Enter Passcode window, provide the password to continue.

    ■If the Restrictions have been disabled, on the Restrictions interface, tap Enable Restrictions.

    ■Once the Set Passcode window comes up, provide the 4 digit numeric password in the Enter a Restrictions Passcode field.

    ■On the next window, re-enter the password to confirm.

    ■Once the Restrictions are enabled, from the Restrictions interface, locate and slide to disable the In-App purchases toggle button to restrict in-app purchases in iTunes.