This is another one of those quests that require the hunting of a monster. You must be fond of such quests by now. So if you want to know more about the quest and how you can complete it, then refer to the guide given below:
Another one of the many hunting quests that require you to track and kill a monster. Well, it’s always fun to get some action from an enemy twice as your size. So your primary task is to track and hunt down a monster named as Rathian. This one is a flying monster with a dragon type appearance but doesn’t confuse it with the dragons of Game of Thrones; this one is far more dangerous.

Anyways, if you complete your task successfully then you will be rewarded with a generous amount of 4320z which is pretty decent at this point in the game. The time limit of the quest is 50 minutes and you will fail the quest if you run out of time or faint three times. Lastly, you will need a Hunter Rank 5 to start this quest but you should already have that by now. So with the basics cleared, let’s start the quest:
1. The reason for hunting down the Rathian is because it is preventing useful research from getting done. So before starting the quest, get some meal and make sure to pack some antidotes and mega potions as this beast will not go down easy.

2. When you have made all necessary preparations, head to the southeast camp that is in the Wildspire Waste and starts looking for tracks. Bring your scoutfly level up and track him down. You will be most likely to find him in AREA 2, maybe moving south from the AREA 3.

3. When you finally find Rathian, start the battle. Just make sure to look out for its aerial attacks, bites, charge attacks and especially the fireball attack. One item that will come in handy is the flash pod that requires one flash bug to create and can be fired using the slinger. Its benefit is that it has a higher chance of blinding the flying monsters.

4. The breakable parts of the Rathian include its head, body, wings and tail. And the area that takes the most of the damage is its head so make sure to attack it as much as you can but be careful because you will be attacking it directly from the front. The tail makes a good object to attack as well.

The Rathian is weak against the dragon elemental attacks and highly susceptible to stun ailment. So keep these things in mind while fighting it. And once you have killed the Rathian, carve it and you will be able to complete the quest along with the reward of 4320z. Also, with the completion of this quest, you will be able to cultivate some new types of materials from the Ancient Tree.