Scan and Save Your Credit Card Information (iOS 8)

iOS 8 makes it simpler for you to use your credit card information for online purchases. In the latest iPhone operating system, you can capture the image of your credit card, and iOS 8 extracts information from the image to save it for future use.

With this, you are no longer required to provide your credit card details while making purchases online. Instead, your credit card information is used to make all the payments.

In order to save your credit card information via captured image when using an Apple device running iOS 8, follow the steps given below:

    ■Turn on your iOS 8 device by pressing the Sleep/Wake button.
    ■Slide your finger to the right on the screen (screen with the slide to unlock text) to unlock the device.

    ■From the Home screen, tap Settings.

    ■Once the Settings window appears, locate and tap Safari.
    ■Under the GENERAL section on the Safari window, tap Passwords & AutoFill.

    ■When the Passwords & AutoFill window comes up, tap Saved Credit Cards from the bottom.

    ■Tap Add Credit Card from the Credit Cards interface.

    ■On the Add Credit Card window, tap Use Camera.

    ■Once the Camera window opens up, focus and position your card within the Position Card in this Frame box that appears in the iPhone display screen.
    ■As soon as the camera reads your information, the information is automatically saved in the appropriate fields, and you can use the details for future online purchasing.