Search and Play Music on Your Pebble

Instead of scrolling and searching music files on your iPhone, you can now look for and play your desired music using your Pebble smartwatch. Once you have located a music file available on your iPhone, you can play the file right from the watch and listen to the audio output on your iPhone. Even though the music file will be played on your iPhone and the audio output will be heard from your mobile phone’s speakers, with the help of your smatwatch you can make the music search and play process easier.

Here is how:

    ■Connect your Pebble watch with your iPhone (iPhone 4S for this tutorial) via Bluetooth.
    ■On your Pebble smartwatch, press the Select button (middle button at the right) to go to the Menu screen.
    ■When opened, press the lower or upper button at the right of your Pebble watch to highlight the Music option, and press the Select button when highlighted.

    ■Once the track list is displayed, press the Up/Down button from the right to highlight the desired song.
    ■When done, press the Select button to play the selected track on your iPhone.


Note: If you want to control volume limit, press and hold the Select button that changes the functionality of the Up/Down buttons from ‘track change’ to ‘volume control’.