Search for a Specific Hashtag on Twitter

While using Twitter, you may be searching for tweets about a specific topic. Twitter has made things easier for such instances with the help of hashtags. Any topic that is preceded by a hash (#) sign becomes a hashtag and can be searched.

On Twitter, searching for a hashtag of your interest is a simple and straightforward process that can be performed with a few mouse clicks and some keystrokes.

In order to search a hashtag, you can use the Search field available at the top-right corner of the Twitter page. In the Search field you can type any topic of your choice preceded with a hash (#) symbol, e.g. #iPhone6, and all the topics related to the iPhone 6 hashtag will become available for you to view.

Here’s how:
    ■Sign-in to your Twitter account using any web browser.
    ■On the Home page, in the search box available at the top, type the desired topic name preceded with the ’#’ sign.
    ■Click the Search button (button with a magnifying glass). (E.g. #iPhone6 in this demonstration.)

    ■On the next interface, ensure that the Everything option is selected from the left pane.
    ■You can view the results for the selected hashtag in the right pane.