Season 5 Battle Stars Road Trip Week 1, 2, 3 & 4

There are a lot of different rewards present in Fortnite Battle Royale that players can get by completing small tasks. Among them, are the Battle Starts that can be found in the game to help you level up your Battle Pass. There is 4 battle starts to be found in the game as of yet, refer to the guide to find them:
Fortnite Road Trip Week 1
The loading screen of the first week displays a new character with drift skin being welcomed by other players. As the games season 5 cinematic showed, the character had been pulled through the portal.
Keep a close eye on the map being held by Rex if you are looking out for a clue in the game. The hidden battle star can be clearly seen on top of the axe-shaped thing.
This area is the west of the new season 5 location. Those who did not know about it earlier it is what was formerly Anarchy Acres situated in the north.
You will need to head to the location to find the hidden battle star. You might want to look up to the gallery to see the screenshot showing the exact place.

Fortnite Road Trip Week 2
Battle star of the second week had been leaked during the week 1 when ‘TwoEpicBuddies’, the two famous data miners, revealed the details along with several leaked skins, and cosmetics designed for season 5.

How to find the battle start for this week?
As the loading screen shows lots of players goofing around, you need to look closely what’s on the top of the main clubhouse. There you can spot the second hidden battle star.
For those unfamiliar or without an update, this area is Lazy Links which as had been previously mentioned replaced Anarchy Acres.

Its exact map location is E2 but for complete guidance, you need to check out the gallery if you need to know the exact location of the battle star as well as any other stars you may have missed before.
Fortnite Road Trip Week 3
A glance at the loading screen of the week three will again show the players goofing around the golf kart. The location is shown as a round track on the map.
Unlike the previous two weeks, there is no hidden star in this image. Instead, the license plate of the vehicle contains the coordinates in-game to help you look at the right place.
The first letters, J2, are for the map. The next, SW, means south-west hinting that you need to look at the south-west area on the J2 grid displayed on the map.
Combining these two coordinates will reveal the exact location which, by the way, is the North-east of wailing woods.

Fortnite Road Trip Week 4
The challenge shows the party atmosphere showing the characters partying by a pool.
You can find the hidden battle star on the wall to the right of what resembles a spray camel drinking soda. The experts say this statue is a new addition to the desert biome area.

This indicates that you will need to move towards the desert, directing bottom to the south of Fatel fields, and northeast of what is called Lucky landing.