Send Your Current Location In a Group Chat In iOS 11

While conversing in a group chat using the Messages app, at times you may be asked to share your current location. This mostly happens when you’re new to someone or a group of people, and everyone is planning a meet.
Luckily iOS devices offer an easy way to share your location within a group chat.
Needless to say that Location Services must be enabled in your iDevice before you can share your current location.
Also, since the location sharing process uses iMessage, the feature must also be enabled in your as well as all the recipients’ devices failing to which the location details cannot be delivered.
Once everything is in place in all the devices, here’s how you can send your current location in a group chat:
    Get to the Messages app
    Tap Messages from the Dock. This opens the Messages app and shows all your conversations.

    Get to the group chat
    Tap the group chat you want to share your current location with. The group contains all the people involved in the conversation, and any message you send here delivers to all the members in a single go.

    Share your current location

Tap the Info icon (the icon with i inside a circle) from the top-right corner, and tap Send My Current Location, and tap Allow when/if the app asks you to allow access to your location (when using for the first time). This instantaneously sends your location to all the members of the group chat.





Note: If any of the members in the group chat doesn’t have iMessage or a compatible device, your location details may not be delivered to any member of the group.