Set Reminders and Manage Tasks with Google Assistant


One of the most useful abilities of the Google’s AI is to set reminders, manage your tasks/schedule, and anything related to your everyday agenda. This is something that anyone can find a use of and it doesn’t take too much to learn how to do it.

In fact, it’s really easy. You might need to tweak a few options so it can better suit your needs but that’s all about your preferences. Anyway, here’s how to set reminders and manage tasks with your Google Assistant.

    ■ Open your Google Assistant with the phrase “Hey Google”. Alternatively, hold the Home button on your phone until the AI pops-up.

    ■ You can start with adding a reminder by saying to the assistant “Set a reminder”, then when the assistant asks “What’s the reminder”, you just need to add the details like “lunch tomorrow 2 p.m.”. You can also say it all in one go. For example, “Set a reminder for today, dinner at 7 p.m”.

    ■ To check you reminders for today, say “What are my reminders” and to check all reminders, say “View all reminders”.

    ■ To add an event, you can say “Add an event” and then specify the title, day and time.

    ■ To check your schedule, just say “Agenda today”, What’s my agenda, Agenda tomorrow or What’s on my calendar. There are many variations to this command.

    ■ You can also make a note to yourself, by saying “Note to self” and then specify the details.

    ■ One of the best features of the Google Assistant is the ability to remember things. If you say for example, “Remember my wifi password is 112233” it will remember exactly that. This works for pretty much everything, you just need to start with the word Remember. To check what did it remember, just say What did I ask you to remember.

There are some variations to a lot of these commands, so feel free to experiment, you can’t go wrong.

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