Set Time-Based Reminders On an iOS 11 Device

Most reminders are usually time-based, and that’s how they justify the name ‘Reminders’, at least when talking in context of the mobile phones.
That said, iOS 11 has a built-in ‘Reminders’ app that allows you to set time and location-based reminders.
Here’s how:
    Get to the Reminders window
    Tap Reminders from the Home screen. This opens the Reminders app with the blank interface (if you’ve launched the app for the first time).

    Create a reminder
    Tap a blank field next to the + icon, and type a brief but informative name. This creates a new reminder with the name you typed, i.e. the text you typed is used as the name of the reminder.

    Enable alert
    Tap the Details icon from the right end of the reminder, and enable the Remind me on a day toggle button. This turns on the timer alert.


    Set alarm time
    Tap Alarm, and move the calendar roller up or down to set the reminder day and time. This sets the alarm, and reminds you about the event on the specified date and time.


    Enable location
    Tap the Remind me at a location toggle button. This enables the location feature that reminds you about the event when you’re reached your selected location.
    Note: This step is optional but may come in handy when configured correctly.

    Set a location
    Tap Location, and either tap a location from the list, or search for one by typing its name in the Search or Enter Address field at the top of the Location window. This enables you to choose a location where you want the Reminders app to remind you about the event.


    Set location preference
    Tap either When I Arrive or When I Leave. This ensures that you’re reminded about the event as soon as you enter/visit the selected location or when you leave the venue respectively.
    Note: To follow the steps 5, 7, and 6, Location Services must be enabled on your device.

    Save the reminder

Tap the < Details button from the top-left corner, and tap Done from the top-right corner. This saves any changes you’ve made to alarm and location settings.



Note: To make any further changes, you can tap the reminder, and then tap the ‘Details’ icon again.