Snap a Picture Using Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger allows you to snap a picture from your mobile camera and send the picture to the your Facebook friends.

Here is how you can capture a snap on your Android smartphone and send the picture to the selected Facebook contact using Facebook Messenger:

    ■Turn on your Android smartphone.
    ■Tap the menu icon to go to the apps list.

    ■From the displayed apps list, locate and tap the Messenger app icon.

    ■On the Home interface that comes up, tap the View Contacts button (button with the three horizontal lines) from the top.

    ■On the next interface, ensure that you are on the MESSENGER tab.
    ■From the displayed PEOPLE WITH MESSENGER list, tap to select the desired contact.

    ■Once the target user is selected, tap the Camera icon from the bottom.

    ■On the Hold send button for video, tap for photo box, tap the Camera icon from the bottom-right corner to select the rear/front camera.
    ■Finally, after focusing the camera to the target object, tap the Send button (arrow within a circle) to capture and send the snap to the target user.