Speed Up an Old Windows Laptop

Every computer gradually gets slower over time. One reason behind this can be that your hard drive partitions become overpopulated with unused and junk files. You must delete these unused/junk files in order to speed up your Windows PC.

Going through your hard drive manually can be tedious. Although many third-party tools are available to help you optimize your computer and clean all the junk files from the hard disk drive, you can use Windows built-in Disk Cleanup tool.

With the help of the Disk Cleanup tool, you can remove junk files, temporary internet files, and all other unused files with just a few mouse clicks.

Here is how:

    ■Log on to your Windows PC with any administrator and go to the desktop screen.
    ■On the desktop window, press the Windows + R keys combination to open the Run box.

    ■In the Run box, type the CLEANMGR.EXE command, and hit OK.

    ■On the Disk Cleanup: Drive Selection box that opens up, click the Drives drop-down list to select the desired partition that you want to clean, and press OK.

    ■Once the Disk Cleanup box appears, wait until Windows calculates the available disk space.

    ■Once done, on the next interface, click to check the checkboxes representing the target files/containers that you want Windows to clean up, and hit OK.

    ■On the opened Disk Cleanup confirmation box, click Delete Files to continue cleaning.

    ■Once you have done everything, wait till the cleaning process completes successfully.

    ■Restart the computer, then start using Windows normally.