Stardew Valley – Sam: Guide and Tips


Sam is one of the 12 people in Stardew Valley who are eligible for romance as well as marriage. He is the son of Jodi and Kent. He also has a little brother named Vincent. Sam’s father, Kent, is not in Stardew Valley for the first year as he is away fighting in a war but he returns as the second year starts and you get to meet him when comes to visit you at your farm on the first of Spring. Sam is still a young adult so he doesn’t have a proper job but he does work in Joja Mart. When he is not working there he spends his time listening to and performing music. He is actually in a band with Sebastian another of the 12 eligible candidates for marriage.
Sam’s Schedule:
Since Sam is a more complex NPC than most his schedule varies greatly from season to season. Here is his complete schedule divided by season.
Spring: Sam is an employee of Joja Mart therefore on Monday and Wednesday you can find him working at Joja Mart from 12:50 pm to 4 pm.

On Tuesday he spends time by the river near the Mayor’s house. On Thursday he stays mostly at home. On Friday he goes to the Saloon from 4:00 pm to 9:20 pm.
Summer: On Monday and Wednesday Sam goes to work at Joja Mart from 12:50 pm to 4:00 pm. The rest of the days he spends his time mostly at home playing his guitar. You can also find him at the beach with his brother Vincent near the fire pit.
Fall: In the fall season Sam spends his time practicing the guitar in his house but after that you can find him in the woods near Leah’s house in the evening. He also visits the doctor on the 11th of fall.
Winter: In the winter you can find him playing the guitar in the mornings and in the evenings you can find him in the Saloon.
Since Sam is an employee of Joja Mart he gets more free time when the Community Center is rebuilt so he the time he used to spend at the Mart he instead spends in the Museum.
Sam’s Gift Guide:
There are many things which you can give to Sam so that he likes you better. You can give Sam Pizza, Cactus Fruit, Tigerseye, Joja Cola, Eggs and any item from the Universal Loves and Universal Likes categories.

You should not give Sam Hazelnut, Common Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Daffodil, Snow Yam, Leek, Dandelion, Seaweed, Holly, Winter Root, Quartz, Wild Horseradish, Salmonberry, Gold Bar, Coal, Iridium Ore, Duck Mayonnaise, Iridium Bar, Copper Bar, Refined Quartz, Iron Bar, Gold Ore, Pickles, Mayonnaise or any item from the Universal Hates or Dislikes categories.
Sam’s Heart Events:
There are six heart events which occur with Sam. The first is at 2 hearts. If you visit his house after 2 hearts you will find him playing music with Sebastian and he will ask you what genre of music you prefer. At 3 hearts events happens at the beach before 3:00 pm. You will find Sam at the beach with his brother, just make sure that it is not raining and it is not winter. He will tell you about his father who is in the army.

The 4 heart event also happens at Sam’s house. He will be cooking for you and will drop an egg on the floor. If you tell his mother that it was your fault then you will gain 50 points of friendship with him. The 6 heart event happens in the town. Sam will hit a flower box and Mayor Lewis will be mad about it. If you stick up for Sam, Lewis will apologize. In the 8 heart event Sam and his band will play the genre that you selected in the 2 heart event and in the 10 heart event, like all the other marriage candidates, Sam will confess his feelings for you.