Stardew Valley – Seed Maker Guide


Produce can be turned into seeds using the Seed Maker. As a result, you can get random forage crops from that particular season.
The Seed Maker is a saver for those wanting to grow crops during the winter season. Nothing can really grow during that season except the wild seeds generated by the Seed Maker. A fun little item, the Seed Maker allows you to obtain seeds out of four fruits which then can be used for growing other forage production from the season.

How To Make a Seed Maker
To make a Seed Maker, you require 1 Gold Bar, 10 Coal, and 25 Wood. Plus, you also need to have to be on Farming Level 9! While that might seem too tough, it is one of the first skills that you are most likely to get to level 9 too. In fact, you can easily reach the level in the first year if you focus more on the crops.

As for where to get the materials from, you can purchase 5 gold ores from the Blacksmith. You will also need a furnace for smelting the metals. It doesn’t take long for the seeds to be ready; a few minutes at most! With only a couple of these Seed Makers, you can get seeds at an impressive rate.
How To Use The Seed Maker
With different types of foraged items, you get different kinds of seeds:
- Winter seeds: Requires Winter Root
- Fall Seeds: Requires Common Mushroom

- Summer Seeds: Requires Spice Berry
- Spring Seeds: Requires Wild Horseradish

In just 10 minutes of game time, you can get seeds which you can then use for getting free crops. The Seed Maker produces 1-3 seeds and rarely might even give out an ancient seed. These seeds can then be used for completing bundles. However, they should be grown during the right season.
How To Get The Seed Maker Produce
Getting Spice Berries and Wild Horseradish is pretty obvious; you can find them on the ground around Stardew Valley’s world. Check the town and north of it, as well as woods present south of your farm. On the other hand, mushrooms can be found in the Secret Woods and the forest. Common Mushrooms can also be obtained if you have made a cave into a mushroom farm. Winter Root, however, can be difficult to find as it is buried. To obtain Winter Root, you’ll have to use the hoe on tillable soil which you’ll find in Pelican Town and the beach there.
Having a Steel Hoe is a plus as with the upgraded ability of the hoe to till up to 5 tiles at once, you can dig up to 22 Winter Roots in only one day. Plus, you can come back daily!
Winter Root can also be found before the season begins inside the mine in colder levels at about 40-70. This way, you can have a winter seed on day one and then you can put the Winter Root into the Seed Maker and continue with the process. Planting as well as harvesting the wild seeds will provide foraging skill experience. However, it would not be as much as finding them in the world.