Stardew Valley – Tools Guide

In Stardew Valley, your farmer initially has 5 tools but soon gets one more. These tools are vital for cleaning up the farm, gathering resources for crafting, exploring the world, and making money. You can upgrade these six tools by going to the Blacksmith in town. Just go to the bottom right corner of the village, cross the bridge to the head, and head north past the museum to get to him.
Each tool upgrade has a different function, but ultimately it makes the tool increasingly effective. To upgrade, you need one of the four metals: Iridium, Gold, Iron, and Copper.
About the Tools
All the tools start with a normal quality and can be upgraded to bronze. Some tools like the Pickaxe and Axe become more effective and require less of your energy to get something done while others like the Watering Can, Fishing Rods, and the Hoe get special abilities too. With an upgraded axe and pickaxe, you can get access to new areas as they are now able to clear blockages and make way to the other side. Here is a little more about each tool and how the upgrade helps:
With a regular axe, you can chop a tree down with 15 hits and break small logs, thus enabling you to gather sap, seeds, and wood. The upgrades not only greatly improve on that, but also enhances the ability of your character to gather wood. Initially, the Axe can’t break the logs or the large stumps present on the farm property. With an upgraded Axe, you have better access to hardwood, a useful crafting ingredient.


With the Hoe, you can till soil for planting seeds, as well as dig areas and collect items while doing so. Upgrading the Hoe will enable it to prepare a farm much quicker. Plus, it can also upgrade your ability to forage in places like the Beach.

Using the Pickaxe, you can break open the ore veins and rocks. Once you upgrade the Pickaxe, you will need less number of hits to break open a rock. Moreover, you will also be able to break open the bigger rocks like the 2x2 stones found on the farm property.

Watering Can:
The watering can is one of the greatest friends that a farmer can have. It is important because at the start of the game you do not have enough materials to build sprinklers therefore you need the can to help you water the crops. Keep in mind that crops will not grow without water, they won’t dry out either but they will not be ready to harvest until you water them. You can upgrade the can so that it holds more water but it is also prudent to make a well near your field which you can use to refill your can.

A scythe is an important tool because it is used to cut grass as well as weeds in the farm. It is used to get hay from grass that is growing on your farm but it is also used to harvest some crops such as wheat. It can also be used as a weapon in the early game if for some reason you have lost your sword.