Stardew Valley “Raising Animals” Story Quest Guide

Story Quest Information:
Quest Name: Raising Animals
Quest Text: Robin, the local carpenter, lives north of town. In exchange for raw materials and money, she'll construct new buildings on your farm. You'll need her to build a coop or barn so that you can raise animals.
Provided by: Complete "Getting Started"
Requirements: Build a Coop.
Reward: N/A

StarDew Valley game is as much about farming the virtual landscape, as it is about the challenges of raising the animals. The animals and the life stocks are an integral part of the game.

Stardew Valley “Raising Animals” Quest is another one the games tutorial quest and is very easy to complete, but a lot of people may find them, especially at the beginning, the task of raising an animal, on a limited budget to be quite challenging. This is a step by step guide on how to complete the “Raising Animals” Quest successfully.

The quest will only be triggered after you completed the Getting Started Quest, so without further Ado. Let us begin:

Raising animals is a long, and arduous task. It can also be costly, especially at the beginning. The quest requires you to construct a building; to house the animals. You have two choices for the building; you can either build a Coop or a Barn. The Coop is ideally suited for housing smaller animals such as Chickens, and Ducks. The barn is for much larger animals like Cows.

The Barn requires 6000 gold, 350 wood, and 150 stone.

To build a coop; you will need 4000 gold, 300 wood, and 100 stone. My recommendation for this quest is to build a coop. A coop is much easier and cheaper to build; it is also economical and easier to maintain.

1. First, you will need to gather all the resource. You can find the gold in the mines, the wood in the forest, and the stones in the rocks.

2. Once you have the resources for either a coop or a barn. You will need to visit Robin, the Town’s Carpenter.

3. Robin’s is located on the north side of the Pelican town. Her shop is open from 9 am to 5 pm, so be sure to visit the shop in-between those two times

4. Next, you will need to clear a spot on your land. The spot is for the building that Robin will build.

5. Robin will take a week to build the coop and nine days to build the barn. These figures are if Robin works every day, she won’t work on days that she wouldn’t normally be in the shop. The construction of the building can take several days.

6. Once the building is completed, you are done.

Stardew Valley “Raising Animals” Story Quest is fairly easy, you will have first to find the resources. The quest can take a lot of time, and resources to complete, but once you are done; you can pocket the 100 gold as a reward for completing the quest. You won’t need to have animals in the building, but I would advise you not to let the building go to waste and get some animals. The quest is easy to complete, but if you miss a step; you can always come back and recheck your work. Good Luck

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