Stardew Valley - Birthday: Guide and Tips

Birthdays are a really big event in Stardew Valley. Almost every person in Stardew Valley has a birthday. There are some characters in the game which do not have or celebrate birthdays like the Bodyguard, Mr Qi and the Governor but the people that you can interact with on a daily basis are the ones that you can celebrate birthdays with.

A big part of celebrating birthdays in Stardew Valley is the giving of gifts. Gifts play an important role so let us show you how exactly they work and what they entail.
As we said birthdays are centered around gifts that you give but it is impossible to state how important they really are. Gifts are the reason that people like or dislike you in the game and they are more important on birthdays because usually when you give someone a present that they love, you will gain 45 friendship points and on birthdays that effect is multiplied by 8 which means that you will get 315 friendship points which are equal to 2 hearts with anyone. This effect does not only apply to positive points however.
It also applies to any negative points that you might end up earning so it is better to be careful when giving gifts because you might give people a gift that they do not like and that might end up causing a lot of damage to your friendship. Before we get into what gifts to give let’s talk about who has birthdays and when exactly they happen throughout the year.
Let’s divide this by seasons. The number after each name is the date on which their birthdays fall.
Spring: Kent (4th), Lewis (7th), Vincent (10th), Haley (14th), Pam (18th), Shane (20th), Pierre (26th), Emily (27th)

Summer: Jas (4th), Gus (8th), Maru (10th), Alex (13th), Sam (17th), Demetrius (19th), Dwarf (22nd), Willy (24th)

Fall: Penny (2nd), Elliott (5th), Jodi (11th), Abigail (13th), Sandy (15th), Marine (18th), Robin (21st), George (24th)

Winter: Krobus (1st), Linus (3rd), Caroline (7th), Sebastian (10th), Harvey (14th), Wizard (17th), Evelyn (20th), Leah (23rd), Clint (26th)

Now that you know when the birthdays are we can start discussing what gifts are best for everyone. You should keep in mind that birthday gifts do not factor into the two gifts per week as you can give a birthday gift even though you have given them two gifts in the week already.
You should also not forget that if you are married and you forget your partner’s birthday then you will lose a heart with them because they really do not appreciate you forgetting their birthday. The gifts that everyone loves are the Rabbit’s Foot and the Prismatic Shard but Penny does not like the Rabbit’s Foot and Haley really hates the Prismatic Shard. Almost all the villagers like Cooking items, Artisan Goods, Flowers, Fruit Tree Fruits, Gems, Minerals, Vegetables, Life Elixir and Maple Syrup but there are exceptions to that rule.
To know exactly what each villager likes and dislikes you should visit our pages on them as we have made detailed bios on all the characters and you can find what they individually love and hate.
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