Stardew Valley - Community Center; Guide and Tips

There is a bigger theme to Stardew Valley than just farming and making your farm the best there is. There are multiple quests in the game and one of the biggest quest concerns the Community Center.

When you first see the Community Center it looks like an old, run down and abandoned warehouse but as you talk to the mayor you find out that the building used to be the old Community Center but now no one uses it. This used to be the story arc of the game as it symbolizes the change that you are making in Stardew Valley and every room that you complete in the Community Center shows the way that you are helping the town. It also provides a platform for you so that you can experience all the stuff that is in the game. There are two ways to complete this building so here is the complete walkthrough of those two methods.


The Community Center can be completed using two different methods. The first is the easy one as it involves purchasing everything. What you have to do for this method is to go to the Joja Mart and buy a membership. When you buy the membership the Community Center is changed into a warehouse for Joja mart and in it you can use just gold to purchase all the upgrades and unlock everything. This method is considered the bad ending as it involves the same corporation that you sought to leave behind.

The second method is the one where you complete all the bundles in the Community Center by yourself without buying a membership. This method is much more difficult but it is definitely more rewarding because it involves all of the aspects of Stardew Valley. You will need to mine, fish, farm and fight in order to get all the stuff needed. Completing the Community Center this way takes at least one year and most people can not complete the Center using this method in their first year. If you complete the Center using this way you will be rewarded with the appreciation of all the Stardew Valley residents. It also unlocks Pierre’s shop to be open all days of the week.

The other benefits you get from fixing up the Community Center are:

- Completing the Crafts Room will unlock the bridge to the Quarry which will give you ore on the surface instead of the mines.

- Completing the Pantry will unlock the Greenhouse which unlocks the ability to plant crops and trees through all the seasons and you can harvest them all the time, even in winter.

- Completing the Fish Tank will unlock the ability to pan for minerals in the rivers as it removes the glittering boulder which is blocking the water from flowing freely out of the cave.
- Completing the boiler room is one of the easiest and the most useful bundles as it unlocks the mine carts which really helps you get around the town quickly.
- When you complete the vault you unlock the bus with which you can travel to the desert.

- Completing the bulletin board gives you 2 hearts with every villager.