Stardew Valley - Dating; Guides and Tips

Stardew Valley is not only a farming simulator but it is a game that is built around what it would be like to start a new life as a farmer away from the city. In the game you build up everything from scratch and that is true for the relationships in the game as well. You will have to meet other people, exchange gifts, chat with them and help them out when needed to forge a relationship. Since this is based on the life that means the game also gives you the option to form a romantic relationship with one of the characters. The game does limit you on who you can choose but that seems only fair as some people in the game are too old, too young or are simply committed to someone else. Here is the full guide on how dating and eventually marriage works in the Stardew Valley universe.
The first thing that you need to know is that there are 12 candidates eligible to be married. You can find out who you can marry by looking in the hearts tab of your game. You will notice that there are a few characters in the tab which only have 8 open hearts. Those characters will have 2 hearts that are blurred out. Those characters are the ones that you can date.

Dating is fairly simple actually. The first thing that you need to do is to get to 8 hearts with any of the 12 romance options.

This will prompt Pierre to send you a mail in which he says that he knows that you are getting close to someone in Stardew Valley and to ask them out you will need a Bouquet which Pierre will now sell. The Bouquet costs 200 gold and once given to a person with 8 hearts will make them your boyfriend or girlfriend, depending on who you choose.

After dating someone the next step is to get married. To get married you need to get to 10 hearts with your significant other after which a unique option unlocks courtesy of the mayor. He will send you a mail in which he describes that to get married to someone in Stardew Valley you will need a Mermaid’s Pendant. The Mermaid’s Pendant can be bought from the old sailor that visits the right side of the beach across the bridge that you repair using wood.

He only appears on rainy days and will only sell you the Pendant if you are dating someone and have 10 hearts with them.
Keep in mind that you will also need to upgrade the house at least once to get married. After you give the Pendant to someone the marriage will take place 3 days after and the other person will move into your house.

Their room is also added to your house and you both share the same bed. Getting married has a lot of benefits as your spouse can cook for you, water your crops and feed your animals.