Stardew Valley - Desert Guide

The desert is one of those places in Stardew Valley that is not revealed outright. In fact when you open the map when you start the game you will see that there are question marks over the place where the desert is supposed to be. You cannot visit this place unless you complete a few objectives but it is quite worth it because of it necessary for some quests as well as some of the bundles.

Here are all the things that you need to unlock the desert and what you can find and do there.
The first thing that you need to know is the fact that the desert is inaccessible unless you complete one of the bundles in the Community Center. The bundle that you need to complete is that of the Vault.

You will need exactly 42,500 gold to complete this bundle. All you need to do is to put in the money and the bus stop will be repaired and will allow you to travel to the desert. Once it is repaired you can go to the bus stop and buy a ticket for Calico Desert and Pam will drive you there.

There is a bunch of stuff that you can find in the desert. The first is the foraging opportunity. You can find Coconuts and Cactus Fruits in the desert. These items cannot be found anywhere else and are great for earning some extra money because they can be made into jam and be sold for a ton of money.

Besides the fruit you can also find fish that are do not exist anywhere else in the game. These fish can be found in the pond on the upper left and are required to complete other bundles.
You can also find a shop there that is run by Sandy. The shop is important because it sells seeds that are not available anywhere else. The seeds are especially great because the profit margin on the seeds is extremely high. The shop is also attached to a casino and that is where you will find Mr Qi. The casino allows you to gamble and buy decorative items that you cannot find anywhere else. There is also a Statue of Endless Fortune available for sale there for 1 million gold and it gives you any random item every day.

The desert is also home to the Skull Cavern. You will not be able to unlock it at first because you need a key for it but once you reach the bottom of the mines you can go in the cavern as the chest at the bottom of the mines has a key for the cavern. The Skull Cavern is a great place to farm for iridium as monsters drop it there regularly but is warned, the monsters there are really tough and you need at least a lava katana to survive there. A Galaxy Sword also works well there.