Stardew Valley - Flower Dance; Guide and Locations

In Stardew Valley there are two festivals in each season so that there is a variety in the game and it breaks from the monotonous routine which you end up following while working on your farm. The festivals are a nice break and always provide something new and refreshing and give you a chance to relax from your duties. One of these such festivals is the Flower Dance festival. The Flower Dance is a way to explore the romantic side of Stardew Valley as the only people who dance in the festival are the 12 eligible bachelors or bachelorettes available for you to marry.

So here is a quick walkthrough on what to expect and what you can do to make the dance as memorable as possible.
The Flower Dance happens on the 24th of every spring and you get a reminder every year by Mayor Lewis in your mail so that you don’t forget about it. It takes place in Cindersap forest and the dance area is right next to the Wizard’s Hut. There is a curious fact about that are that it is only accessible during the festival and once the festival is over the area becomes locked and you cannot access it anymore. To take part in the festival you need to enter Cindersap forest from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and if you miss that window you cannot take part in it that year. It doesn’t matter when you start because the dance will always finish at 10:00 pm after which you will be sent home.
The biggest hurdle that new players face is the challenge of finding a dance partner.

The game does not tell you but the only way to dance with a villager is to have at least 4 hearts with them. You can increase the amount of your hearts with villagers by giving them gifts and completing quests for them. Once you find a villager with 4 or more hearts you are going to have to talk to them twice for them to accept your dance invitation.

Once you dance with someone your heart levels with them will go up one heart.

It is possible to dance while you are married and it is also possible to dance with people other than your spouse but be warned as doing that will earn you the ire of your spouse and you may end up losing 2 hearts with them.

The Flower Dance is not only about the dance though as there is a bunch of cool stuff that you can only buy from the festival. For example there is a Rarecrow for sale in the festival which you cannot find any place else. You can also buy Dandelion, Daffodil and Tub of Flowers from Pierre’s stall in the festival. There is one interesting fact about the festival though, you cannot take part in the dancing in your first year.