Stardew Valley - Guide About Farming

Farming is the main part of Stardew Valley and it can be very difficult to decide what to plant, where to plant it and when to plant it. Farming is also the easiest way to collect money for upgrades and new buildings and it is also the way to collect the materials that you need to make stuff. The game sets up farming pretty well for you but there are a few tips and tricks to maximize your profits and minimize your costs. Most people think that once you start farming you can’t change the layout but that is false, especially in Winter as you can’t plant any seeds to it is the perfect time to readjust your farm to do things better. Here are a few tips you might find helpful.
The Basics:
Watering: Watering your plants is important because without water the plants will not grow. If you don’t water the crops then the crops won’t dry out but they just won’t grow for that day. You can either use a watering can or sprinklers to water your crops.

If you just started and are on year one then the watering can is recommended because sprinklers need a lot of stuff. You need tons of copper and iron bars to make enough sprinklers and that requires a lot of mining so sticking with the watering can for the first year is advisable.

Scarecrows: Scarecrows are important because they will scare away crows, if the crows can get to your crops then all your farming will be for naught because they WILL eat your crops.

Fertilizer: Fertilizer improves the quality of your crops and since the basic fertilizer costs only 2 sap a piece there are no downsides to fertilizing the ground before you plant your seeds.

Your Specialty: You can choose your specialization so that you can choose whether you want to raise crops or animals.

Timing your Farming: Timing is important because you need to plant as soon as the season starts and make sure to harvest everything before the season ends otherwise your crops will burn out and be useless.
Farm Setup:
Your setup matters a lot because that will determine how effective you are. You should have fences to keep weeds out and you should have a well nearby so that you don’t have problems with water. You should also plant close to your house so that you don’t have to go too far to water and harvest them.
Farm Design:
Farm design is not the most important but it does give you a sense of pride when you make your farm organized and know where everything belongs. It also helps you to be effective when you know exactly where everything is and it will make you want to work on your farm if you make it as pretty as possible. The design also plays a part in how well you can manage everything and refine all your crops into more profitable items.