Stardew Valley - Guide About Sandy


Sandy is one of the Non-Playable Characters that you meet later on in the game. She does not live in the main town of Stardew Valley therefore you can not meet her when you first meet everyone in the town. The only way to meet Sandy is by fixing up the bus and buying a ticket to go to Calico Desert. She works in and owns the shop where she has seeds for sale all year round.

She has a deal with Mr. Qi and she doesn’t bother him and he in turn lets her work outside his casino. She is also good friends with Emily.
Sandy’s Schedule:
Sandy’s schedule is one of the easiest in Stardew Valley because of how uncomplicated it is. She can only be found in Calico Desert behind her little shop counter. You can go visit her as long as Pam is willing to take you there. You also need to buy the bus ticket which costs 500 gold but it is worth it as you get to see what Sandy has for sale as well as collect Coconuts and Cactus Fruits which you can either sell or turn in to jelly and then sell, earning you a nifty profit.
Sandy’s Gift Guide:
There are a bunch of gifts you can give to Sandy to make her happy. She loves getting Sweet Pea, Crocus, Daffodil, Prismatic Shard and Rabbit’s Foot. She likes getting Wool, Goat Milk, Quartz and Large Goat Milk.

Whatever you do, do not give her any of the Universal Hates or Dislikes. She also hates getting Holly. Her relationship with you will not change if you give her Winter Root, Morel, Large Milk, Chanterelle, Leek, Common Mushroom, Milk, Dandelion, Wild Horseradish, Purple Mushroom, Hazelnut and Snow Yam.
Sandy’s Heart Events:
Sandy is one of those characters in Stardew Valley who gives you gifts back if you are friends with her. You have a chance to receive a gift from her if you have at least one friendship point with her and the chance goes up the more your friendship develops.
She also sends you a recipe for Tom Kha Soup once you reach 7 hearts with her.

She may also put up Help Wanted posters on the notice board outside of Pierre’s shop asking for one specific item. Completing the Help Wanted quest will earn you thrice the amount of gold that you would have normally earned as many as 150 friendship points.
Sandy is fun to talk to as she has some of the most unique dialogue options in the game and if you complete all the dialogue options you have a chance to receive milk as a gift once a day. She is also very useful because she has seeds for sale all year round and the seeds that she sells are not available elsewhere. She also sells the coveted Starfruit seeds which are the most profitable crops in the game.

The best part about her selling the seeds is that you can buy them beforehand and be ready to plant as soon as the desired season hits.