Stardew Valley - Guide to Getting Hardwood

Hardwood is arguably one of the most useful materials in Stardew Valley as it is used in making various buildings and crafting machines but it also a pain to find because of its rare sources. Even though normal wood is still the most used in Stardew Valley, hardwood is used in making more advanced things and as you progress in the game you will find that you need more and more of this precious material. First let’s examine the various uses of hardwood.
Uses of Hardwood:
Hardwood can be used in crafting a variety of things, in fact it is impossible to upgrade your buildings without it. Here is a list of all the things hardwood is needed for:
- Upgrading your house
- Building a stable: So that you can unlock the horse and get to places faster

- Cheese Press: To convert milk into cheese.

- Oil Maker: To make oil such as Truffle oil and Sunflower oil
- Hardwood Fence: The most durable of all the fences which mean it breaks very slowly.

- Cork Bobber: Increases the size of your fishing bar so that the fish you hook don’t escape too easily.
- Worm Bin: To get bait regularly which you can use in either your rod or your Crab Pots

- Totems: So that you can wrap around the town and summon rain when you need to
- Cask: An item that unlocks after you upgrade your house the final time. It ages items such as cheese and wine so that they are worth more when you sell them

Sources of Hardwood:
Now you know the uses but what are the sources of hardwood. Sadly you cannot buy hardwood anywhere but there a few reliable sources for getting this rare material.
- Chopping Down Large Stumps: The stumps that you see in your farm are not just for show. You can cut these down with a copper axe and can get two hardwood per stump. They do not respawn on your farm unless you have the Forest Farm.
- Chopping Up Large Logs: You can find these logs on your farm and in Cindersap forest. They do not respawn at your farm unless you have a Forest Farm. They give you eight hardwood when broken down.
- Finding them in the Mines: There is a chance to find hardwood in the mines because of the random boxes that spawn inside. Sometimes they can have hardwood inside that but this source is very unreliable.
- Choosing the Lumberjack Specialization: Once you hit level 10 in gathering you have the choice to get this skill. It will make it so that every tree you cut down has a chance to drop hardwood. This is the most reliable way to get hardwood.
Thus you can see that there are not a lot of ways to get hardwood but there are a ton of uses so keep an eye out for this material and do not accidentally sell it.
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