Stardew Valley - Haley: Guide and Tips


There are many girls in Stardew Valley but few can compare to the glamorous Haley. She is the stereotypical pretty girl and thinks that she is better than everyone but who knows? There might be a soft interior to the hard exterior that Haley puts on. It's no secret that Haley is admired by many for her pretty looks and she knows it. Therefore it isn't easy to woo her but luckily for you we have created a guide that can help you get the girl of your Stardew Valley dreams.
Haley's Schedule:
Haley is one of the 12 people that you can marry in Stardew Valley which means she is more complex than the other characters. That means that her schedule is much more elaborate than most of the other characters. Therefore we have divided her schedule according to the seasons.
Spring: On Monday she goes to the south of Marnie's ranch to take some pictures. The rest of the days she can be found near the Community Canter admiring the fountain. If she isn't there then she is probably at home cooking something.

Summer: In the summer Haley is only home on Wednesdays. For the rest of the days, you can find her either lying on the upper left side of the beach or at the ice cream stand next to the Museum.

Fall: In the fall Haley follows the same schedule that she does in the spring with one exception. You can find her at home all day on Tuesday.
Winter: In the winter Haley doesn't leave her house as it is too cold for her. She can be found in various parts of the house that she shares with Emily.
Haley's Gift Guide:
Since Haley has a really cultivated taste there aren't many things that she likes. You can give her Sunflower, Fruit Salad, Coconut, Pink Cake, Daffodils and everything in the Universal Loves and Likes categories except for Prismatic Shards and any Vegetables.

You should also not give her Chanterelle, Hazelnut, Quartz, Winter Root, Morel, Snow Yam, Leek, Dandelion, Holly, Purple Mushroom, Milk, Eggs, Fruit, Wild Horseradish, Clay, Fish as well as any items in the Universal Hates or Dislikes categories. As you can see there are a lot of things that Haley doesn't like.

Haley's Heart Events:
There are 5 fixed heart events which occur with Haley. These events happen at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 hearts respectively. At 2 hearts you will witness her fighting with her sister in their house. They will be fighting over who will clean the cushions. If you side with Emily then you will gain friendship points with both of them. The 4 heart event is also in her house. You will help her open a jar. The 6 heart event occurs at the beach. Haley will have lost her grandmother's bracelet. You can find it to the right of Elliot's house on the beach. Find it and give it to her and you will increase your friendship level with her. The 8 heart event is at Marnie's ranch. Both of you will take pictures together and have a lot of fun. Next morning you will get a letter from her. The 10 heart event, like always, is when she will confess her feelings for you.
Haley is a great cook and an excellent photographer. If you end up marrying her you can expect a lot of good meals as well as a loving wife.