Stardew Valley - How to Get Truffle Oil


Truffles are considered a delicacy in most countries and truffle oil is a rare commodity everywhere, Stardew Valley is no exception. Truffle oil is an expensive artisan good which can be sold to make some serious cash but to make this expensive and rare good you need a bunch of stuff. We have prepared a complete walkthrough so that you can get to making truffle oil as fast as possible.
What You Need:
The first thing you need to make truffle oil is obvious. You need truffles. The only way to get truffles in this game is to get your pigs to look for them. How do you get pigs you ask? Well, the first thing that you need to do is to purchase the Deluxe Barn Upgrade which allows you to keep pigs. Once you have completed this upgrade you can buy pigs from Marnie.

Once you have bought them you need to wait for them to grow up, and that takes around ten days. After they have grown up you can let them loose on your farm and they will start digging up truffles for you.
Once you have the truffles you also need the Oil Maker which unlocks after you hit level 8 in Farming. If your farming skill is below that then you should focus on farming a bunch of crops first as that will raise that skill very quickly. Once you have both the Oil Maker and the truffles you can start making truffle oil.
How to Make Truffle Oil:

Making the truffle oil is pretty easy. You take the truffles that you got from your pigs and you go to the Oil Maker and interact with it. Once interacting with it you can choose to make truffle oil if you are holding truffles in your hand or if you select it from the options.

Once you put the truffles in, the oil will start processing. It usually takes about 5 to 6 hours so you should do this in the morning or when going to bed so that you can save as much time as possible.
Truffles are a really expensive item and they sell for 625 gold as they are but if you make oil out of them they can go for 1065 gold. Truffle Oil is also especially useful in making a lot of recipes and to make the best recipes you need the best ingredients and that is when truffle oil gets in.

Truffle Oil is also an artisan good which means that many characters in Stardew Valley would love to receive it as a gift. Keep in mind though that the barn upgrade takes a lot of time, money and resources so it is no easy feat. It also takes a lot of time to get your farming to level 8 therefore it may take a while to make truffle oil but it is well worth it.