Stardew Valley - How To Make Oak Resin?

Oak Resin is arguably one of the most important Artisan Goods in the whole of Stardew Valley but before we get into its uses let's first discuss how it can be collected. Oak Resin comes from Oak Trees which can be found on your farm when you first start.

Don't be too quick to cut them all down though because although they give you a bunch of wood, they can also be useful later on, namely for getting Resin. You should also keep in mind that the only way to get more trees is to either let them populate on their own because trees will drop their seeds into the soil. And the seeds will eventually grow into full-fledged trees or you can cut trees down and use the seeds you get then to make your own forest.
Be warned though; trees only drop seeds when cut down after you've hit level 1 in the Farming Skill. After you've got oak trees what you need to do is make the tapper which unlocks after you hit level 3 in Foraging. This means that you'll have to go look for plants that grow in the wild such as Leeks, Spring Onions and Daffodils so that you can increase your Foraging level.
After you've unlocked the Tapper you will need 40 wood and 2 copper bars to make one tapper.
That means you will have to cut down some trees and go mining to get enough materials to make the tapper.

- You will have a higher chance of finding copper from level 10 to level 50 of the mines. After you've made enough tappers you should decide where exactly you want to put them.

- We suggest that the trees should be close to your house so you can easily check on them to see when they are ready. Once you've tapped an oak tree it should start giving you Oak Resin every 5 days.
- Tapping a tree is easy as you only need to interact with the tree with the tapper in your hand. Keep in mind though that lightning storms are common in Stardew Valley and lightning can hit your tree which will destroy both the tree and the tapper. You can remove tappers from trees by hitting the tree once with your axe.

- Now for the products that you can make with Oak Resin. Oak Resin is extremely useful in farming as well as refining raw goods. You can use Oak Resin to make Deluxe Speed Grow which increases the growth rate of plants by 25% which means that you can grow your crops in 3/4 The normal time.
The most useful product that requires Oak Resin is the Keg. The Keg can be used to make fruits, vegetables and honey into drinking liquids. It makes fruits and vegetables into juices, hops into beer and honey into mead.

These products are worth a lot and are great for a steady supply of income. Oak Resin can also be collected in the winter which means you can make more stuff in the winter or you can sell it to make a quick profit.
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