Stardew Valley - Linus; Guide and Tips


Linus is one of the most detached persons in Stardew Valley as he has no family which is mentioned and he does not have a proper home either but that is the life that Linus chose for himself. He doesn't like interacting with people and feels like people judge him a lot. He lives off the land and has no plans to conform to the way of life that many Stardew Valley residents follow. Linus does have friends however. The Wizard is a close friend of Linus and treats him as an equal. He also risks his life whenever you get knocked out in the caves. He is the one who brings you out and gets you delivered to the doctor.
Linus’ Schedule:
It is hard to describe Linus’ schedule as he does not go anywhere too far. He mostly stays next to his tent so that would be the best place to find him. You can find him walking around, taking in the fresh air and being at peace with nature.

Linus’ Quests:
There is only one quest which involves you and Linus and that is the case of the missing Blackberry Basket. If you manage to find the basket you can give it to him and get a friendship heart in return. Linus may also post stuff on the notice board in front of Pierre’s shop and if you deliver the stuff you get thrice the amount you would have originally gotten as well as 150 friendship points.

Linus’ Gift Guide:
There are certain things which Linus likes and dislikes. You should give him Chanterelle mushroom, common mushroom, Dandelion, hazelnut, holly, leeks, morel, purple mushroom, snow yams, winter root, Wild Horseradish, spring onion as well as any Universal Loves and Likes.

You should not give him any precious stones or any Universal Hates or Dislikes as he will remember that.
Linus’ Heart Events:
At 3 hearts Linus will send you a recipe. At 4 hearts if you go to the place where Linus lives he will teach you how to make Wild bait. At 7 hearts Linus sends another recipe.

Linus is a very strange individual but if you get to know him then he is very sweet and very loyal. He can help you out a lot and Wild Bait is one of the most important tools used in fishing. So it pays off to be friends with Linus.