Stardew Valley - Maru; Guide and Tips


Maru is a young scientist whose future seems to be very bright as she seems to be one of the smartest people in Stardew Valley. She is the daughter of Robin and Demetrius and it is obvious that she gets her scientific spirit from her father who is also a scientist. She also has a half-brother named Sebastian. The unique fact about Maru and Sebastian is that they are siblings and are both eligible to be married to. They are the only siblings who possess this trait. She is also one of the nicest and friendliest people living in Stardew Valley.
Maru’s Schedule:
Maru is again one of those characters whose schedule depends on the current season. Therefore here is the division of her schedule according to the seasons.
Spring: You can find her in the lab on Monday and Sunday. On Tuesday and Thursday you can find her in the clinic helping out Harvey.

On the rest of the days you can find her either in her lab or near the Community Center.

Summer: Maru follows the same schedule in summer that she does in spring.
Fall: You can find her near the saloon on Monday and Sunday. She works in the clinic on Tuesday and Thursday. The rest of the days she divides her time between the lab and the Community Center.

Winter: There is a slight deviation in Winter from the Fall schedule. On Mondays and Sundays instead of being near the saloon she can be found in the graveyard. All the other days are the same as in Fall.

Maru’s Gift Guide:
There are a lot of things that you can give to Maru which she will like. You can give her Diamond, Battery Park, Gold Bar, Miner’s Treat, Cauliflower, Iridium Bar, Cheese, Strawberry, Rhubarb Pie, Pepper Poppers, Quartz, Copper Bar, Pine Tar, Iron Bar, Oak Resin as well as any Universal Loves and Likes. However you should not give her Salmonberry, Blackberry, Maple Syrup, Common Mushroom, Crystal Fruit, Truffle, Holly, Pickles, Honey, Snow Yam or any Universal Hates or Dislikes.
Maru’s Heart Events:
Maru, like most of the 12 romantic options in the game, has 5 separate heart events. The first one is at 2 hearts at the carpenter shop. Maru asks you to watch the soil samples that she is keeping and while you are waiting for her to come back Demetrius enters and says some pretty typical dad stuff. Keeping quiet when Maru comes back will earn you 10 points of friendship with Demetrius. At 4 hearts you visit the clinic and watch Maru accidentally drop a glass. Telling the truth will earn you 50 friendship points with Maru. At 6 hearts you meet Maru atop the mountain and you both look through a telescope. At 8 hearts she will show you the machine she made and it will electrocute you. Don’t make a fuss about it and it will earn you friendship points. The ten heart event is when she confesses her feelings and it happens in the carpenter store.
Maru is an excellent candidate for marriage as she is smart, kind and beautiful. She has a curious mind and will only help you progress further as a farmer.