Stardew Valley - Robin; Guide and Tips


There are many things to do in Stardew Valley but the main focus is on farming. On that note there are a lot of things that you do on your farm and one of those things is constructing additional buildings which can help you produce more goods that you can earn money from. To get the buildings made you will have to talk to Robin the carpenter who is ever ready to construct buildings for you, provided you have the necessary materials and the gold to foot the bill. Robin is a working mother and has 2 kids of her own. Her son is the eldest and is named Sebastian and her younger daughter is named Maru. Sebastian is her son from her first marriage whereas Maru is Robin and Demetrius’ daughter. Demetrius is Robin’s new husband. It is unclear in the game who was Robin’s first husband and what happened to him.
Robin’s Schedule:
You can usually find Robin in her shop from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. She works there on all days except Tuesday because on Tuesday she goes to Caroline’s house for an exercise class.

She also leaves early on Fridays as she goes to the saloon with her husband at 4:00 pm. There you can see her dancing with her husband.

Robin does not leave the house if it is raining and her schedule does not change according to the season. She follows the same schedule all year round.
Robin’s Gift Guide:
It is worth it to give Robin gifts as she will give you something in return and the gifts that she likes are Spaghetti, Goat Cheese, Quartz, Hardwood, Milk, any type of Fruit as well as any Universal Likes or Loves. You should not give Robin Wild Horseradish, Holly or any Universal Hate or Dislike because, as the name suggests, she dislikes these gifts.
Robin’s Heart Events:
Giving gifts to Robin is great because she is one of those non playable characters who give you gifts even if you have 1 friendship point with them. The chance of receiving a gift goes up the more friendship points you have with her. There are only two heart events which take place with Robin. The first is at 6 hearts and takes place in Robin’s own home. She will be cleaning a saw and you will get to chatting about wood items. After the cutscene ends she will give you a Flute Block and a Drum Block.

The other event is at 7 hearts and she will send you a recipe for Pumpkin Soup in the mail.

Robin’s Quests:
There are 2 known Robin quests. The first one is about her lost axe and if you find is and return it she will give you 250 gold as well as friendship heart. The second one is about 10 pieces of hardwood and if you bring her that you get 400 gold and a friendship heart. She also posts notices on the Help Wanted Board outside Pierre’s shop.
Robin is a great friend to have and easily one of the NPCs that you will have contact with the most because you will constantly go to her to have her make or improve buildings for you.