Stardew Valley - Sturgeon; Guide and Tips


There are a lot of activities which you can do in Stardew Valley apart from farming. You can go mining, fighting monsters, panning for materials and fishing. The most underrated and useful of these activities has to be fishing. Mining is considered a close second but mining has its limitations as you can’t progress a lot while mining because of all the energy it consumes and the constant danger from monsters but fishing is the most relaxing way to earn quick money.
Fishing can be done in 3 spots around the whole Valley. You can fish in the river, the ocean or in the lake next to the mines.

Fishing is so praised because even an amateur farmer can start fishing in the first year and the rewards are huge because it supplies a daily income for the cost of nothing.
You get your first pole for free and you can start fishing without buying anything or upgrading anything, plus there are a lot of really cool fish to be found in the waters of Stardew Valley. One of these such fish is the Sturgeon, which is one of the rarest and most expensive fish in the game. It is also pretty elusive therefore the guide below will tell you all about the Sturgeon like where you can find it and what you can do with it.
You can only find this particular fish in one spot which is the Stardew Valley Lake. This lake is right next to the mine and is just brimming with amazing fish. The Sturgeon is one of those fish which are affected by the season and you can only find them in the summer or winter.

- The best way to catch a Sturgeon is to use a trap bobber as it has proven to be the most effective at catching these fish. There are other things that affect the catch rate of this fish such as your luck on that day as well as your fishing skill. It is recommended to eat something such as the Dish O’ the Sea as it increases your fishing skill temporarily.

- The Sturgeon has many uses. The first and foremost is the Community Center bundle which requires this fish. The Sturgeon is used in the Lake bundle which part of the Aquarium. The Sturgeon is also used to make certain foods and items which can prove to be a blessing. Sturgeon is used in Sashimi which is a dish liked by many Stardew Valley residents and is a must have as a gift.
- Sturgeon is also used in the Maki Roll which is a great snack if you are ever low on energy. It is also used in the making of Quality Fertilizer which is a better form of fertilizer and it gives a higher chance to drop better quality produce.

The Sturgeon itself can also be given as a gift but the only person who seems to like it is Willy so it is not advisable for you to give it to anybody else. It also sells well starting at a base price of 200 gold and it only goes up from there if the quality is better. It can also be sold for more if you have the required sub specialization to sell fish for a higher price.