Stardew Valley - Ten Things Not to Do in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a deceptively simple game. It looks like it is a simple farming simulator but there are a lot of complicated things going on in Stardew Valley. People judge you on what you do, what you give them and what you say to them. The farm reacts to what you do and doesn’t do, what you plant and what you build. In this world there are endless possibilities but new players may soon find themselves in a pickle because of some basic mistakes as the game does not explain how the many different mechanics work. Thankfully we have compiled a list of things not to do especially if you just started the game.
1. Cutting Down All the Trees:
It may appeal to you to cut down all the trees in your farm as they are in your way most of the time but don’t be so hasty. You may be able to get some quick money if you sell all the wood but wood is a building material that you need for a lot of stuff like buildings, fences and torches. If you handle your logging carefully you can keep the trees in your farm sustainable. If you cut some down others will grow as trees drop their seeds and those seeds grow up into other trees.

2. Selling the Seeds from the Trees:
Don’t be too quick to sell your seeds either. You can make field snacks from them and you can use them to plant more trees when you need the wood.
3. Crafting Sprinklers:
Sprinklers cost a lot of materials as you need gold and iron and you get that in the late game therefore you should wait to make sprinklers, in fact you can get through a couple of years without needing sprinklers.

4. Keeping a Check on Your Luck:
Your luck is very important especially when you go mining because the only way you can get the stuff is by mining on days when your luck is good. The way to check your luck is on the T.V in your house.

5. Getting Married:
Don’t be in a hurry to get married as there are not many benefits in the early game. In fact you will probably spend more trying to get married as you need to give them gifts, buy them flowers and a Mermaid Pendant.

6. Mining with Valuable Items on You:
Be careful when you go mining as you can get knocked out by enemies and if you get knocked out there is a chance to lose the items you have. Always take minimal items and store what you don’t need.
7. Walking Around with Tools Out:
Don’t walk around with tools except for a sword or a scythe because you can use your tools accidentally and that will use your energy which you might need later.
8. Upgrading Your Watering Can on Ill-advised Days:
Don’t give your watering can to the blacksmith on sunny days as you can’t water your crops for a couple of days then. They won’t die but they will not grow either and you will end up losing precious time.
9. Checking Trash Cans Around Other People:
The people in Stardew Valley really frown on dumpster diving so don’t do that in front of them as that will make your friendship points with them go down.

10. Staying Up All Night:
Staying up all night is a bad idea because at 2 am you will collapse wherever you are and if you are out of your house you will be charged a fee. You should go to bed before midnight because if you go to sleep later than that you will have less energy the next day.

If you keep these things in mind then you should have no problem playing this game.