Start Your Windows 8 Laptop in Safe Mode

You may want to start your Windows 8 laptop in safe mode when if want to troubleshoot issues with the computer if or you want to remove certain applications.

The process of starting Windows 8 (laptop or desktop) in safe mode requires you to use the MSCONFIG command to access the System Configuration box. From there you, can configure Windows 8 to boot in safe mode the next time the computer starts.

The steps given below will guide you through the process of starting your Windows 8 computer in the safe mode:

Warning: Starting Windows 8 in safe mode allows you to access all files without any restrictions. Make sure you do not remove or rename any files other than the one you are looking for in order to avoid permanent damage to the operating system.

    ■Turn on your Windows 8 laptop with an administrator account.
    ■On the Start screen, locate and click the Desktop tile.

    ■Once the desktop screen comes up, press the Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the Run box.
    ■In the Run box, type MSCONFIG.EXE and press Enter.

    ■In the System Configuration box, go to the Boot tab.
    ■Under the Boot tab, check the Safe boot checkbox and click OK.

    ■Once done, in the opened box, click Restart or Exit without restart to restart the computer in safe mode instantaneously or to continue working and restart the PC later.


Note: The above method is applicable on all Windows operating systems as long as they allow you to open the System Configuration box. In addition to this process, there are many other ways to open Windows 8 in safe mode. Depending upon the nature of your troubleshooting, you can pick the way that works for you.