Stop a Period from Being Added After Tapping Spacebar Twice on my Tablet

A Period (Full Stop) Is Automatically Added If I Tap Spacebar Twice.

This issue is due to the Auto-punctuate option which you might have enabled by mistake. Although the Auto-punctuate option is to help you make your typing task convenient and comfortable, sometimes it is really annoying when every time you press the spacebar on the keyboard in error, a period (.) is automatically added to the sentence.

You can resolve this issue very easily by going to the settings window of the default keyboard, and then disabling the Auto-punctuate feature from there. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. ■Start your android phone/tablet on which you want to resolve the above discussed issue.
    ■Tap the app drawer icon from the home screen.
    ■From the displayed list, tap the Settings icon.
    ■On the Settings window, from the left pane, tap the Language and input option.
    ■From the right pane, under the Keyboards and input methods section, check the default keyboard under the Default option. (Samsung keyboard in this demonstration.)


    ■Once checked, tap the settings icon opposite to the name of the default keyboard. (Samsung keyboard in this demonstration.)
    ■On the opened keyboard settings window, tap the Advanced option.


    ■On the next window that appears, uncheck the checkbox representing the Auto-punctuate option by tapping on it.


    ■Come out of all the opened windows by tapping the back button multiple times.
    ■Open your favorite text editor and try tapping the spacebar twice. The issue should be resolved by now.

Note: If the problem persists, follow the steps from 1 to 6, and on the opened keyboard settings window, tap the Predictive text toggle button to turn it off. Try tapping the spacebar twice on your favorite text editor now.

Note: Although the above discussed method was used to rectify the problem experienced on the Samsung tablet device, it can be used to solve the same issue on any android mobile/tablet. However, the icons or the way to reach the Settings window and/or to the Predictive text option may vary depending upon the type of device you are handling. If the default input method of your device is something else, the name ‘Predictive text’ might also be different. You can refer to the user manual that came along with your device to learn how to go to various options on your device, should your device starts behaving obnoxiously, or stops responding as expected.
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