Stop Skype from Automatically Starting When OS X Starts

For most Mac and Windows users, Skype automatically initializes when the computer starts. With this configuration, after booting up the computer, user are no longer required to manually launch the application when they want to have a text, voice or video conversation with their friends on Skype.

There are downsides to this, which could include a longer boot time or more resources being used.

No matter what your reason may be, preventing Skype from automatic initialization on OS X is simple. Here is how:

    ■Log on to your OS X computer.
    ■Locate and double-click the Skype icon to make it appear on Dock.
    ■Once Skype appears on Dock, right-click the application.
    ■From the context menu, click Options.
    ■From the displayed submenu, click to uncheck the Open at Login option.

    ■Once done, restart your PC to check if the automatically initialization of Skype has been disabled successfully.

Note: Disabling automatic initialization of Skype during the startup does not affect the functioning of the application in any way.