Stream video from your Parrot drone to your iPhone

Most drones nowadays are made specifically to be used with smartphones or tablets. You can stream video directly to your device while you fly, and use it to help you control your drone in the air. If you are using a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 (or some other Parrot quadcopter), use the steps below to set up video streaming on your iPhone.

Step 1
Power up your iPhone and open up the App Store application. In the search bar, type “AR FreeFlight.” The app you are looking for is a free application, called FreeFlight, which is offered by the app developer “Parrot SA.” Once you locate the app, download it to your iPhone.

Step 2
In your iPhone’s “Settings” menu, turn on Airplane Mode. Parrot recommends doing this for “ease of use.”

Step 3
Power up your AR.Drone by connecting the battery. Then, on your iPhone, turn on Wi-Fi and wait for “ardrone_parrot” to appear in the networks list. When it does, select your drone. A checkmark will appear next to the drone when the phone is officially connected via Wi-Fi

Step 4
Open the FreeFlight application on your iPhone. You will now be able to pilot your drone using your Apple device, as well as stream video from your drone to your iPhone, and even take video!

Whether you simply want to have better control of your device or want to check out the aerial photography capabilities of your AR.Drone Parrot device, using the above steps to pair your drone, and your iPhone will allow you to stream video to your phone.