Submit Podcasts to the iTunes Store

Podcasts have given people everywhere a chance to explore their passions, discuss their thoughts, and find an audience for both. If you are looking to launch a podcast, you will probably want to host it on your site, but you will also want users to be able to download it on iTunes, as this will increase your audience size. Use the steps below to submit your podcasts to the iTunes store.

Step 1
To start, you will want to update to the latest version of iTunes. You can find a download on Apple’s website.

Step 2
With iTunes updated, launch the program. Select the iTunes Store from the sidebar on the left side of the screen, then select “Podcasts” from the bar running across the top of the screen. You will be taken to the iTunes page dedicated to podcasts.

Step 3
On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see a “Podcast Quick Links” section. From that list, click “Submit a Podcast.”

Step 4
Helpfully, Apple has designed the podcast submission system in a user-friendly manner. Therefore, iTunes will walk you through the remainder of the process. You will need to provide the URL for where your podcast is hosted online, as well as login to your Apple ID to publish the podcast to iTunes.

Once your podcasts are in the iTunes directory, users will have a better chance of stumbling upon them in a search of the store. It’s the perfect way to attract new listeners to your podcast, and since Apple makes it so easy to publish podcasts through iTunes, there’s no reason not to do it!