Subscribe for iTunes Newsletters and Special Offers In iOS 11

iTunes newsletters and special offers are two the best ways to remain updated with the latest Apple news and buy Apple products at discounted rates.
This not only helps you take decisions as what would be your next Apple app or device to ease your daily tasks but it also saves some of your money when you purchase the products during the offer period.
Here’s how you can subscribe for iTunes newsletters and special offers in your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11:
    Get to the Apple ID window
    Tap Settings, and then tap your name from the top. This opens the Apple ID window that lets you manage your ID and iCloud related settings.


    Get to the Name, Phone Numbers, Email window
    Tap Name, Phone Numbers, Email from the upper section. This opens the Name, Phone Numbers, Email window from where you can manage your email ID, associated phone numbers, etc.

    Enable subscriptions

Tap the Announcements and Apple Music, New Apps and More toggle buttons from under the SUBSCRIPTIONS section. This enables the subscriptions for iTunes newsletters and special offers. Once enabled, you are frequently notified with any updates that Apple releases from time to time, and suggests you the devices and apps that could be purchased at discounted prices.