Subscribe to an iTunes Podcast Series

When using iTunes, you can subscribe to podcasts. Subscribing to a podcast keeps you up to date with the latest episodes.

Also, after you are done going through the subscribed podcast series, you can easily unsubscribe yourself from it, and you no longer receive any updates about the series afterwards.

Here is how you can subscribe to a podcast using iTunes:

    ■Log on to your Windows PC.
    ■Locate and double click the iTunes icon to launch the application.
    ■On the Home interface, from the displayed menu list at the top, click the Podcast option.
    Note: If the Home interface of iTunes does not open by default, click the iTunes Store button from the top-right corner to go to the Home window.

    ■Under the New & Noteworthy section, from the available podcast list, click to select the podcast that you want to subscribe to.

    ■When the podcast is selected, click Subscribe below the picture of the selected podcast.

    ■Once the popup box appears, click Subscribe to continue. You can also check the Do not ask about subscribing again checkbox before clicking the Subscribe button

    ■When you're done, you can start accessing your selected podcast and can expect regular updates for the series as the result of your subscription.