Tell Siri about Your Relationships in iOS 11

Siri in iOS 11 is smart enough to memorize your relationships with your family members, friends, or colleagues. The only thing you need to do is, tell Siri about your relations, and you don’t have to speak their names while calling or messaging them.
However, before telling Siri about your relationship, the person must be added to your Contacts. Once this is done, here’s how you can tell Siri about your relationship with the contact:
    Activate and tell Siri about your relationship with the contact
    Say “Hey Siri, xyz is my colleague” to your iPhone. This activates Siri, and tells it to note that xyz (replace xyz with your contact’s name) is your colleague. You can even use Friend, Dad, Partner, etc. instead of Colleague.

    Confirm your relationship
    Tap Yes or say “Yes” when Siri prompts. Doing so confirms your relationship with the contact to Siri. Upon this, Siri memorizes the relationship, and uses it as reference while helping you interacting with the contact.

    Call your contact using your relationship

Say “Hey Siri, please call my colleague”. When you say this, Siri initiates a call to the contact you’ve defined as your colleague. If you’ve added multiple people with a common relationship, Siri asks which one of them you wish to call.
Note: You can even message your contact using Siri by saying “Hey Siri, Send a message to my colleague”. Also, for safety reasons, Siri is not allowed to delete a contact from your Contacts list.
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