Monster hunter world is a curious game that contains many an interesting exploits and adventures that keep the players enthralled. In this game, you fight monsters with different abilities and powers. Sometimes, the quest gets even more challenging when you are required to capture the monster alive.
One of my amazing quests in the MHW comes after you’ve taken down a monster called Zorah Magdoras. The quest, though highly curious, is without much information. Your HUD display will exhibit the quest as ‘??? Rathian’ requiring you to make an investigation about a new monster in all the regions that you have been into. But the real question is, where does this quest lead?
This brief guide is just about that!

The ‘??? Rathian’ investigation
To achieve the objective, you need to spend time in various locations, looking for signs of this mysterious monster. Keep exploring the different localities and make sure to collect every ‘??? Rathian’ evidence that prompts on your screen. The more these you collect, the more progress your bar makes.

At a half-filled bar, you’ll be required to head back to Astera where you’re assigned a quest called Tickled pink. The quest requires you to square off with a monster in Wildspire waste called Anjanath. Be warned that this is not a regular monster. Anjanath is a particular high-rank monster that can ruin your day.
Having killed the monster and collected enough evidence, you’ll again receive a call to go back to Astera where another quest is assigned to you.

This is a rather high-level quest that could be played with a team of up to four members.
Hunt for the Pink Rathian
Pink Rathian is quite unlike of the normal Rathian. The information on the monster is very little in the monster hunter world. Killing it takes the same technique that involves identifying the weakest spot and landing a hit there.

For a pink Rathian, its weakest spot is the head. While targeting the head, you’ll still need to exercise great caution because Pink Rathian can make some deadly attacks from its head as well.
Best element to use against the Pink Rathian is the Dragon and for an ailment, Stun is the best choice. Stun is far better than another ailment such as thunder, paralysis, and sleep. Don’t use the element of fire on Pink Rathian as it has absolutely no effect on the monster.

How to trap Pink Rathian?
Coral highlands is the best place to combat Pink Rathian easily. Since it’s a vertical map, coral highlands contains many places to hide and climb the monster while securing yourself completely.

Once you have worn the monster down, chase it to its nest from where you can either kill it or capture it alive. This will complete the quest.