The ultimate Apple Watch smart home guide


If you’re looking for more reasons to buy an Apple Watch or already have one and want to do more with it, this article is for you. This ultimate Apple Watch smart home guide will discuss how to use your Apple Watch with the Apple HomeKit and how to set everything up so you can control everything from your wrist.

The Apple Watch has already sold a couple million units and the Apple HomeKit will likely be just as popular. While they are two very different products, they can work together to make a smart home that little bit smarter.

The Apple HomeKit is a smart home hub that brings disparate elements together from Apple and compatible manufacturers such as Philips, Wink and others. As the HomeKit is iOS and watchOS 2 compatible, it means you can control it from any iOS device that uses iOS 8.1 and above. Apple are also releasing a new Home app alongside iOS 10 this year which will add even more utility.

Why buy an Apple HomeKit?
Many smart home products come as self-contained kits that you can set up and control from your iPhone. So why buy an Apple HomeKit? If you want to add more automation or join up different smart home elements, the Apple HomeKit is how you do it.

Say you want to create a scene where you say ‘Siri, Good morning.’ With an Apple HomeKit you can set up a group that will automatically turn on the bathroom Hue light, turn up the heating, switch on your coffee maker and open your automatic blinds all with that single ‘Good morning’ command. You don’t need me to tell you how cool that would be!

How does it all work?
A smart home is built around your Wi-Fi network. As long as you have a good signal, you can connect all your smart home devices together and control them from your Apple Watch or any iOS device. Simply pair your smart home device with Apple HomeKit, download the app to your device, set it up and off you go!

A full list of compatible devices is listed on the Apple website.

How much can the Apple Watch control?
So this article is about the Apple Watch, so how much can it do in your new smart home? Quite a lot actually. As many controls can be configured to work with Siri, you can give voice controls to your Apple Watch to see them actioned. You can also download watchOS 2-compatible apps for touch control.

The Apple Watch cannot create groups or do much configuration of the Apple HomeKit, that has to be done with an iOS app. But the execution of configured controls can be performed from the watch easily.

Apple has done what it does best with the Apple Watch and Apple HomeKit. It allows users to quickly set up and control apps and functions as quickly and as easily as possible. Controlling your smart home with an Apple Watch will become even easier once the Home app arrives!

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