Tips and Tricks to Pick the Best Headphones for You

There have never been more headphone options on the market than there are right now. From cheap earbuds to expensive over-the-ear headsets, there is a whole range of options out there to choose from. In fact, the headphone market right now is so diverse that it can be a daunting place to shop unless you know, more or less, what you are looking for. Use the steps below to help orient your shopping.

Step 1
First of all, what’s your budget look like? Are you willing to pay premium, or would you rather keep the cost at a modest level? Generally, you’ll find the most affordable options in the earbud or in-ear design types. Really good over-ear headphones will run at a higher cost.

With that said, though, all types of headphones are represented at every level of the price range, so pick a budget (under $50, under $100, between $100 and $200, etc.) and then head to Amazon to find out what’s available in that budget.

Step 2
Next, consider what you will be using these headphones for. Do you need a pair that you can take with you when you go running? If so, stick with portable earbud types. On the other hand, if you do most of your listening at home, you might like an over-the-ear set.

Step 3
Think about noise-isolation: how important is it to you? Do you need headphones that can block out the sounds around you (the roar of the lawnmower, the rumble of the subway, etc.), or do you just need speakers that can deliver sound to your ears? Over-ear headphones offer the best noise isolation and noise cancelling, but some in-ear headphones can get the job done too. Standard earbuds, though, will be tough to hear over loud sounds.

Step 4
Finally, read reviews and product specs to find a few pairs of headphones that meet your budget and your use requirements. You want headphones that are well reviewed for sound, performance, reliability, and durability.

If you are shopping for headphones, make sure you do your homework and find the pair that suits you best. The more time you put into finding the perfect pair of headphones, the more satisfied you undoubtedly will be.

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