Tips and Tricks to Use EQ on an iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad

Are your iPhone speakers leaving you wanting more bass? Feel like the music settings on your iPad aren’t the most conducive to the genres you spend the most time listening to? Contrary to popular belief, you can actually adjust the way your songs sound through settings in iOS. Use the tips and tricks below to adjust your device’s EQ settings and find the perfect listening mode for your music.

Step 1
To start, you’ll have to actually pull up the audio settings menu. To do this, launch “Settings” and select “Music” from the list. You’ll have a variety of options on this menu, like an on/off switch for the “Shake to Shuffle” function, or a place where you can set a volume limit so you don’t keep blowing out your ears.

Step 2
From the “Music” menu, tap “EQ.” A new menu will open including options like “Acoustic,” “Bass Booster,” “Hip Hop,” “Treble Booster,” “Vocal Booster,” and more. There are 23 EQ presets to choose from.

Step 3
Now, all you have to decide is which EQ setting is best for you and your listening habits. To do this, look through the music on your device and note the genres. Is it hip-hop music? Classical? Electronic? Acoustic singer/songwriter? Since many of the EQ presets are actually genres, you should try out a few that match the music you listen to most.

Step 4
Now, ask yourself which elements are most important to you in music. If you’re throwing a party with a playlist full of danceable tunes, you’ll probably want to crank the bass. If you want to focus on the melodic lines, you might go for the Vocal Booster.

Remember that you can always change your EQ settings, depending on the situation. So test them all out and pick out a few that you like for different listening scenarios. That way, you’ll always know which EQ setting is best to compliment the mood (or the song) at hand.